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Posted: July 5, 2019
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How to pass custom link from treatment to section (Strategy > Treament > Section)

Good morning,

I would like to know how can I pass a custom link that comes from a strategy to a treament, then a section.

For example, let's talk about the property "ButtonLink" that comes from the Pega Marketing Strategy with the following value: "{cuStomerId}" where customerId is populated in the strategy. (This is a simple example)

Then I have a treatment called (EmailTemplate) that include a section called (TreatmentOffer01).

When I call this section, I pass the parameter in this way:

<pega:include name="TreatmentOffer01" type="Rule-HTML-Section">
<pega:param name="ButtonLink" ref=".OfferData.ButtonLink"/>
</pega:include>&nbsp;<br />
In the section TreatmentOffer01 I have a button that redirects to the link that comes from the param ButtonLink but is not working as expected because the href value is not being populated with the ButtonLink's value.
Button code in TreatmentOffer01 section:
<a data="<pega:include name='MKTEmailLink' type='Rule-HTML-Section'>
<pega:param name='SuppressHref' value='True'/>
<pega:param name='Trackable' value ='true'/>
<pega:param name='Resp' value='Accepted'/>
<pega:param name='URL' ref='<pega:reference name=Param.ButtonLink></pega:reference>'/>
<pega:param name='URLParam' value='false'/>
How can I populate URL to achieve this? Thanks!
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