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How to Save Repeating Grid from Clipboard into Data Explorer

Hi, I'm new to PEGA. I have a problem of using repeating-grid-layout to list all the added items from clipboard, saving all of them into the data in PEGA. I'm using activity to loop and save, also already tracer that activity which only have 2 sequence; activity begins and activity ends. It seems that in the first step of activity there's a mistake. So here's my step:
Please CMIIW, first: I'm using loop For Each Embedded Page, the embedded page is my class path Case (SMMF-EventMan-Work-EventAdmin).

Secondly, the step page when looping is a PageList which contains the clipboard data.

Third, I want it to loop for all the details data in clipboard (ex: if there's .pxResults(5) then it will loop 5 times according to results)

After testing the case, there's neither errors information display nor the data is being saved in Class-Data. I wonder if my approach is wrong, or if there's another way to save Page List? (FYI: I'm using 7.2.1)


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