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How to turn off HTTP compression using DSS or prconfig.xml

Below is the content from help on this

Turn Off HTTP compression

Ordinarily, Pega Platform uses HTTP compression to reduce the length of text messages sent to Internet Explorer. HTTP compression is also used in SOAP messages. This may complicate Tracer debugging, as it is difficult to interpret the messages.

To disable HTTP compression, edit the prconfig.xml file or Dynamic System Setting and adjust the value of the Tracer setting enable-compression setting to "false." This change takes effect the next time your system starts.

Reset this value to enable compression when debugging is complete.

Now my doubt is how to set this in prconfig.xml

<env name="tracer/enable-compression" value="false"/>, Is this correct ?

How to set it in DSS

purpose - tracer/enable-compression (Don't know if this is the correct format)

value - false

owning Ruleset - ?

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