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IE9 Compatible PRPC v6.1SP2 Designed application not working in IE11 without Compatibility mode ON

Hi Team,

We have designed an application in PRPC v6.1 SP2 as IE9 compatible long back. Now recently all users moved in IE11.

We are successfully able to lunch and work on PRPC application which is designed in above stated version in IE11 by enabeling compatibility mode ON, but this will be our temporary work around and not permenant solution.

We have noticed that, users are working many other diffrent application (not designed in PRPC) in their daily routin, which works perfectly fine in IE11 but start causing issue and not work as expected when we switch on Compatibility mode ON, so Client has denined to set compatibility mode as ON as default.

None other than Pega designed applicatin requires compatibility mode dependency from list of users daily routine applications, so Client is not agreeing to make changes at browser level instead of looking for solution at Pega application level as this issue is only happening while accessing Pega application.

We are looking for some kind of solution, where we dynamiclly set IE compatibility mode to ON when we log in to Pega application and again IE compability mode becomes OFF when we log off from Pega.

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