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Posted: October 2, 2020
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Posted: 2 Oct 2020 17:49 EDT
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Impression as negative outcome


All of our adaptive models have been setup (by our system integrator) to translate 'Impression' as a negative outcome. So let's assume a customer responds positively to an offer; Pega records a negative response (from the offer impression) as well as a positive response.

To me it does not seem correct that every time an offer is impressed it is also treated as a negative response. Firstly acceptance would be incorrect at 50% rather than 100% and secondly isn't this likely to confuse the model and yield incorrect propensities? 

I can understand this works in scenarios where no positive or any other negative response is ever received, but that is not the scenario in question.   

When I quizzed about this i was told 'Pega only uses the last response...'  so in the example above only the positive response is considered. However I don't think this behaviour is true but at the time i was none the wiser. 

Is my understanding incorrect or the implementation?

Thank you

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