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Issue integrating Pega workbench with JIRA.


We have a requirement to integrate Pega Agileworkbench with Jira in our project scope. As i have been going through the articles in PDN, i came across the below link and followed the steps as mentioned in below link.

Even though, after following the steps provided in the above the link, the integration fails. I am attaching the screen shot of the issue below.

Below are the couple of issues which i could see and would like to know some work arounds for it.

Issue :

1) After providing the JIRA URL, none of the projects from JIRA are shown as List/drop down. Please refer the screen shot provided below

2) After going the code, the activity GetJiraProjects, the code is such a way that it is trying to identify story and bugs from below page , but the page from the service is infact returning empty page for .JiraIssueTypes. As it is empty , the list of projects are not showing up .


* this observation is done after going through the code and doing private edits to existing code provided in Jira Component .

3) Going by the private edits, i could see that JIRA projects which has more than 64 characters are not being allowed by Pega and it is throwing up errors on saying that the projects are having name more than 64 Characters. Is there any workaround for this?

4) Also i have found out that, irrespective to the PM_Jira_AuthProfile, the service is returning the list of all JIRA projects, even though the username provided has only one project he is mapped to in JIRA.

* the user name in JIRA and the PM_Jira_AuthProfile are the same and exists at both ends i.e JIRA and Pega PM_Jira_AuthProfile.

Note :

Pega Version : 7.3.1

Jira component : downloaded the latest version and used it.

Jira : On premise, not cloud based.

Any help or workarounds would be really helpful.



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