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Sangeetha Jadav (SangeethaJ3435)
J.P. Morgan Services India PVT Ltd

J.P. Morgan Services India PVT Ltd
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J.P. Morgan Services India PVT Ltd
Posted: May 13, 2020
Last activity: May 19, 2020

Masking fields in Custom Section for Report Definition while Export to Excel

We have a report definition which uses custom section with dynamic layout to display report fields (Pega 7.4)

Requirement is to Mask a field (mask except for last N) while displaying the report and also when exported to excel.

To achieve this, we have used custom control for the specific property in the section. This is masking data as expected on report display but not masking data when data is exported (export to excel). Infact data is empty in the exported reports for those fields.


Can someone provide suggestion on how to achieve masking data when exported to excel in this scenario.


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Pega Platform 7.4 Reporting