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multiple automation queued in a single VM instance

Hi, I read through some of the existing posts, but not sure it answers my specific here it goes.

I want to setup a single VM. Within that VM I would like to be able to setup a few automations that can be run. They will not run in parallel since Pega is not able to support. However, I am ok if they are "queued" meaning if one comes in first, it runs and if another is triggered it waits until the first one is done and then runs he second automation.

I'm asking specifically because we have some RPA setups where the majority of the work is done on Mon-Tues and then the VM sits idle rest of the week. Why can't I have a secondary automation on same VM using same bot to fullfill the rest of the week.

This allows me to effectively use VMs and bots.

thanks for any heads up

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Robotic Process Automation
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