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Posted: September 20, 2016
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Multiple Values of same paramters in query String

Detailed Description
Requirement : Call the Connect-rest (GET) method using the query string parameters 
Service URL : http://azdev-esb1/api/v.0.6.0/vela/daily_note_submissions?consumer_ids=88622&consumer_ids=4347&datefrom=2016-09-14&dateto=2016-09-15 
Issue : In the GET method of connect-rest we only have an option to pass query string parameters , we are not able to pass multiple consumer ids in the request.
Steps to Reproduce
1. Create a connect-service (GET) which takes multiple values in same parameters of the query string (kind of array) 
2. Run the metadata and connector wizard with the service URL 
3. try to call the service by passing the required values .
Error Message
Attempted Solutions
We tried to manually format the query string parameter by appending "&consumer_ids=" and pass to the service URL . 
But Pega internally does the URL encoding and converts the special chars like "&" and "=" due to which the service fails 

2016-09-20 10:45:29,278 [tp-nio-8443-exec-124] [ STANDARD] [ ] [ SLCM:01.01.01] (ector.Rule_Connect_REST.Action) DEBUG aacharya - URL constructed is: http://azdev-esb1/api/v.0.6.0/vela/daily_note_submissions?consumer_ids=88622%26consumer_ids%3D4347&datefrom=2016-09-14&dateto=2016-09-14

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