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Bheemashankar B (BB796712)
Progressive Casualty Insurance Company

Progressive Casualty Insurance Company
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Progressive Casualty Insurance Company
Posted: March 24, 2021
Last activity: March 31, 2021

NBA Arbitration using Adaptive Model

Hi Team,

Is there any OOTB report which gives details on why a particular action(out of all eligible actions) was selected/assigned to a given Customer during a NBA run?  e.g. Action "A" was assigned to a Customer because of one of the adaptive model predictor value/performance, like "Customer Age" falls under 25-35 range or Customer is from State "California". 

In our scenario, we have a set of actions/treatments for email channel and all actions/customers go through Adaptive Model during NBA run (Email_Click_Through_Rate). We are feeding customer response to emails via delayed learning data flow to the adaptive model.

None of the reports in the attached screenshot seem to provide the details our business is looking for.

We are using Pega Marketing 8.4

Pega Marketing 8.4 Decision Management Insurance