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Posted: January 20, 2016
Last activity: February 16, 2016

Need to clear Orphan Fix Correspondence assignments

Associated SR:
Pega did a security update on Jan 7th with which some of the host settings are messed up.
Because of this we were having issues 
1) Pega connecting to HDVest and 
2) correspondence emails are failing.Managers started seeing 'Fix Correspondence' assignments because when correspondence agent sent emails, emails were failing.
I fixed some by rejecting correspondence as an admin, however some cases were already resolved and I can fix those.
Manager continues to see those in his work list and need to be cleared.Michael Puchalek from pega resolved the email issue by making some host setting changes.we need to clear existing orphan 'Fix Correspodances' in the manager worklist.
In the Clip board of the workobject I see that the Fix Correspondence is visible under pyWorkPage-> pxFlow, however I don't see options to delete it.
Please check the attached screen shot.Is it possible to delete from clipboard or is there any other way?
Please let me know.
Steps to Reproduce
Problem has occurred and we need to clear the orphan correspondences.
Manager sees them in their worklist even though the cases are resolved.

I checked in the clip board with workobject open to see if I can delete the correspondence, I can view the correspondence, but could not find an option to delete.


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