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Posted: November 18, 2015
Last activity: December 3, 2015

Need Info on-Best Practice on what agent configuration in multi host/muti node environment for Pega 7

Hi All

Here is the scenario. There are ~ 50 agents OOTB in pega 7.1.7/7.18. We multi node environment in production ( 64 jvms).  We want to know basic answers to questions like

Do we need to run this agent on all JVMs(ex: System pulse) or it can be enabled only on one or few nodes(Fr example: if it’s a maintenance agent for doing housekeeping at DB side, we don’t need it on all JVMs).

We were pointed by SR folks to links like which does not have specific info we are looking for.

For example : AgentBulkProcessing need not to run on every JVM , same with System cleaner.  Where as System Pulse could/should run on each JVM

We are looking for what is the pegasystems recommendation on how their OOTB agents should be setup  in multi node environment. Some documentation around it.

Any info is very much appreciated!!!


RuleSet # Description
Pega-ProCom 0 ServiceLevelEvents
Pega-ProCom 1 AgentBulkProcessing
Pega-ProCom 2 SendCorr
Pega-ProCom 3 GetConvertedPDFsFromPDM
Pega-ProCom 4 GenerateStartingFlows
PegaAESRemote 0 InitializeHealthInfo
PegaAESRemote 1 PushLogUsageData
PegaAESRemote 2 PushDBIndexes
PegaAESRemote 3 PushGuardrailData
Pega-ProcessEngine 0 AgentCaseBulkProcessing
Pega-ProcessEngine 1 ProcessCaseTypeCalculations
Pega-ProcessEngine 2 ProcessEmailRequest
Pega-ProcessEngine 3 ProcessFlowDependencies
Pega-RulesEngine 0 PurgeAssemblyDatabaseCache
Pega-RulesEngine 1 ScheduledTaskProcessor
Pega-RulesEngine 2 PropertyOptimization
Pega-RulesEngine 3 DeleteUnusedCSSFiles
Pega-RulesEngine 4 ReportStatUsageAgent
Pega-RulesEngine 5 UpdateActiveNonQuiesceAdminRequestors
Pega-RulesEngine 6 DeleteUnusedStaticContentFiles
Pega-RULES 0 SystemCleaner
Pega-RULES 1 SystemPulse
Pega-RULES 2 SystemIndexer
Pega-RULES 3 RuleUsageSnapshot
Pega-RULES 4 StaticContentCleaner
Pega-RULES 5 SystemWorkIndexer
Pega-EventProcessing 0 SystemEventEvaluation
Pega-AppDefinition 0 PostAction
Pega-AppDefinition 1 CreatePMFItem
Pega-AppDefinition 2 UpdatePMFItem
Pega-ImportExport 0 @baseclass pzInstallation
Pega-RuleRefactoring 0 Refactor Copy/Move/Merge
Pega-SecurityVA 0 Rule Analyzer
Pega-DecisionEngine 0 UpdateAdaptiveModels
Pega-DecisionEngine 1 ProcessBatchJob
Pega-DecisionEngine 2 ADMSnapshot
Pega-AutoTest 0 RunTestSuitesFromAgent
Pega-AutoTest 1 RunRecursiveTestSuites
Pega-IntSvcs 0 checkPrintErrors
Pega-IntSvcs 1 checkFaxErrors
Pega-IntSvcs 2 purgeRequestsTable
Pega-IntSvcs 3 ProcessServiceQueue
Pega-IntSvcs 4 ProcessConnectQueue
Pega-IntegrationEngine 0 pyCleanupWebSSO1
Pega-IntegrationEngine 1 pyCleanupWebSSO2
Pega-IntegrationEngine 2 pyCleanupWebSSO3
Pega-IntegrationEngine 3 pyCleanupReplayCache
Pega-EndUserUI 0 DeleteOrphanTags
Pega-EndUserUI 1 PurgeExtraRecents
Pega-EndUserUI 2 PurgeRecentReports



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