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Posted: April 25, 2016
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Open an assignment through java script is failed.

Environment is PRPC 7.1.6, WebSphere, DB2/

I have attached a JS for open a new Window through a certain scenario. For this scenario, the customer does not want to open window through flows.

The reason is below:

There is an external system with a link in the browser page. When the link is clicked, one of two things must happen: either a new work object must be created in Pega and displayed to the user in a Harness pop-up, or, if the work object already exists, the current assignment for that work object must be opened and displayed to the user in a Harness pop-up. We decided to have the link in the external system launch a generic harness, which contains a Java Script logic to check for the existence of the work object or not, and then execute the appropriate action based on that check. We couldn’t use an Activity or Flow link in the external system, as that did not generate a UI in the pop-up. At least, that is what we thought. We are able to get the Java Script approach to work for opening the work object, but not the assignment. This is where we entered the Support Request and started this discussion.

It seems that next steps are to either provide support with an alternative design or to continue support for resolving the issue we are facing with the open assignment Java Script. Can you please assist with one of these two options?


This was raised as Production support issue which was related SSO action, but now it seems hard to be addressed onto regular production support, but I still wonder this is design issue or production bug issue.

So need to help of this site. This issue was posted several weeks ago.


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