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Posted: 8 Sep 2021 7:29 EDT
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Open new case after submitting one

We have a process which starts with the creation of a temporary case. After submitting the first assignment (and persisting the case), the case gets assigned to an agent to do some background checks. The screen closes and the user has to click again on the "Create case" action in the menu to proceed with the next case. The users requirement is to open a new case on submitting the assignment of the previous case.


==> User clicks on create case ==> first assignement screen is shown (Case A)      ==> user fills in the screen and submits the assignment (Case A is being persisted and assigned to the agent) ==> user is shown the assignement screen for Case B (if he/she decides to end encoding cases, he/she can simply close the screen. As it is a temporary case, nothing is persisted to the DB) Is this possible within the ootb solutions of Pega?  

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