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Posted: November 23, 2017
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Problem with moving a property to a super class


Here are the initial elements. We have:

1) A RIC-CAR-CJI-MWM-Data-Devis Class (a "Devis" is a "Quote" in french) with a set of Sections including one displaying a Label Property which is either entered by the user or retrieved from an external system through a Data Page using a Code Property entered by the user (if the Code is corresponding to an item in the external system the item is retrieved in the Data Page and the Label is displayed and if the Code is not corresponding to an item the user has to provide the Label)

2) A RIC-CAR-CJI-MWM-Work-Transformation Class with:

- A Devis Single Page Property of Class RIC-CAR-CJI-MWM-Data-Devis

- A Section referencing the top level Section defined in RIC-CAR-CJI-MWM-Data-Devis

At that point everything is working ok. When the user is entering a item Code, the Section is refreshed, the Data Page is loaded (if the Code is actually corresponding to an item) and the Label is either displayed (if the Data Page was actually loaded) or empty to be filled by the user.

We had to perform a little bit of refactoring and:

- There is now a RIC-CAR-CJI-MWM-Work-Transfo Class

- The RIC-CAR-CJI-MWM-Work-Transformation Class has been renamed RIC-CAR-CJI-MWM-Work-Transfo-Transformation using the class renaming wizard

- The Devis Single Page Property of Class RIC-CAR-CJI-MWM-Data-Devis has been moved to the new RIC-CAR-CJI-MWM-Work-Transfo Class (and thus inherited in the RIC-CAR-CJI-MWM-Work-Transfo-Transformation Class)

And just because we made this modification, the mechanism allowing to display the Label as read-only or present a field to input it is not working any longer.

I simply can't see why just moving a Property up in the newly created superclass is messing with this mechanism.

Any idea?

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