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Queue method

During development, we end up calling a service or a DB call and the current thread generally waits till we get a response back. In most of the cases, we won't even need to wait for the response page to build.Rather we can continue the current thread's processing.

The response page that is built might be needed in the future for processing but not sequentially. In such cases, we have a run in parallel check box for RDB-Calls. Same way we have a Queue method to call the activities in a fire and forget style.

In the help file, i was able to see a reference to the agent / threadpool size in the prconfig.xml or DSS.

1) What is the name of this DSS rule?

2) What are the allowed values for this threadpool size?

3) How to trace an activity that is getting called through a Queue method?

Also, found the background calling method in the API,

java.lang.Object queueBatchActivity(java.lang.String aClassName,
                                  java.lang.String aActivityName,
                                  ParameterPage aParamPage,
                                  ClipboardPage aPrimaryPage,
                                  java.util.List aOtherPages,
                                  boolean aIsDetachedTask)

4) aIsDetachedTask - if false, will this create a new thread? if so, what would be the scope and the access group of that thread?

5) If true, can we check the pages created in that thread through the clipboard tool?

Thanks in advance :)

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