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Posted: May 26, 2017
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Regarding saving a case

This is a basic but conceptual question. Here is what I was doing:

1. Created a pagelist called Course() in parent case 'Onboarding'

2. Create a reference to Course() pagelist called CourseRef() in the child case 'Benefits'

3. In a post processing activity of a flow action in the 'Benefits' case, added a DT with the following two steps:

a. Set pyWorkCover.Course(1).pyNote = "Parent"

b. Set pyWorkPage.CourseRef(2).pyNote = "Child"

4. After submitting the above flow action and while the 'Benefits' case is still open, I can see that both Course() and CourseRef() are updated with the above two values when I check pyWorkPage and pyWorkCover on the clipboard. However opening the 'Onboarding' case does not show any values in the Course() pagelist

5. If I close the 'Benefits' case after a couple manually processing a couple of flows then also the pagelists are not updated.

6. Only if I take the 'Benefits' case to the last stage/step where it is 'Resolved-Completed' then I can see that the above pagelists are persisted.

7. I created two declare triggers (one for save and other for commit) which adds audit to the case when it is saved and committed. I can clearly see in the audit that the 'Benefits' case is saved twice and committed once for each step/flow.

My question is:

1. Even though PEGA is clearly saving and committing the case, why are the properties that I created not persisted?

2. Why are the properties persisted when the 'Benefits' case is Resolved-Completed?

Would highly appreciate some direction!


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