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Posted: March 15, 2018
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Robotics [RDA] - Interrogating web repeating DIV containers with use keys setting and then accessing its children in a loop

Hi all,

I am trying to do a sample automation on BOFA website to list out all the bank locations given a zip code. The locations are in a repeating list constructed with DIV containers. I wanted to read all those locations using the automation. So, I have interrogated the div [selector: div.location] and set the UseKeys setting to true. Now I can access its clones. But how do I access its child elements [div[itemprop=name], div.address_1, td.branchHoursText>strong] to get that cards content?

I have attached the screenshot [BOFA Locator.png] of the website with regions of interest highlighted.

I have also attached a screenshot [Obj Explorer.png] of the Object Explorer which shows no hierarchy of parent child controls upon interrogation.

Please let me know your thoughts and suggestions..

Robotic Process Automation
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