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Posted: 3 weeks 3 days ago
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Storing Pega Attachments

This was raised in a previous post from a few years ago (linking it below for reference.)


Recently, we have had a lot of Java memory related errors resulting in crashes (almost daily). When I put in a support ticket, a Pega engineer suggested that after reviewing the logs from the database and the Pega logs, he was very confident most of the performance related issues are arising because of attachments. He suggested that we should not be using Pega as a storage repository for frequent attachments.

If Pega is trying to optimize itself by using BLOB, but you shouldn't be using it as a storage repository, what is the point?

Also, I was wondering if anyone has encountered this similar problem. The solution is using a third party repository like Azure or S3, but there is some reluctance to do this unless we are certain it will correct the issue.


Thanks for any help!

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