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Posted: July 17, 2015
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V7 Upgrade Guides - "In-place" upgrade?

A documentation question for Mary Carbonara and others.

The 7.1.8 upgrade guide is twice as long as the v7.1.7 version.

Is this because 7.18 is vastly more complex, or the upgrade is more complex? Or was it expanded for clarity? I expect some of both.

This is from the v7.1.7 documentation. Italics mine.

"PRPC 7.1 supports in-place upgrades and will continue to work with a standard configuration. This is now known as a single-schema configuration. In addition to a standard in-place upgrade, PRPC 7.1 provides new tools and a process to create a new 7.1 compliant split-schema configuration from a PRPC 5.x or 6.x single schema configuration. ... A split schema configuration is now the recommended configuration for new PRPC 7.1 installations, and for any customers upgrading to PRPC 7.1."

So the text is asserting that the standard upgrade - which just isn't the same as the recommended upgrade. What is the value of the in-place upgrade? Maybe it's just simpler?

Also from 7.1.7: "Note that you must execute an in-place upgrade in at least one environment."


The text quoted above was eliminated in the guide for 7.1.8: "Upgrade the Development system using the standard in-place upgrade process."

It's still called "standard." Again, why? Is it just simpler? Practically speaking, is split-schema not needed in development? (We'd done so in an our clean v7 setup, since we figured it would best resemble the other environments).

Suppose we need to keep the v6 environment around (for support of the v6 application).

My sense is, we would clone the v6 system and then run the Pega7 upgrade on that (is that "in place" or "out of place" or does that terminology really matter?), and then proceed with our unit testing of that, the update of our own rules, etc.

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