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When we delegate a rule to a manager, is it necessary to add the production RS to all access group ?


I have a question concerning the delegation. Suppose I delegate a decision table in production to managers. For this, I :

  • Create a production RS with option "use check out"
  • Add this RS in application
  • Add this RS in access group to manager
  • Delegate the rule for the access group of manager
  • Allow rule check out for each manager

With this configuration, the managers can modify my decision table without problem.

But this modification are not used if the rule is executed by an operator who is not a manager (with a different access group). Generally, I think that when we would like to delegate a rule, the changes of this rule by the managers be used for all operator whatever the access group.

The only solution is to add this RS production for all access group. With this configuration, only the manager can modify the rule and all operators used the last version of the rule. Am I wrong ? I find this solution bad.

Besides, in help online on access group, we have this sentences "Caution: Leave blank except for developers and others who modify rules.". I'm very confused about this.

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