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Work assignement for Operator with multiple managers.


I need to define a security/organization matrix as follow.

Case type A :

operator A belongs to a department for example : C1@CaseTypeA or C2@CaseTypeA or C3@CaseTypeA

Operator B belongs to department :F1@CaseTypeA or F2@CaseTypeA or F3@CaseTypeA

C1@CaseTypeA, C2@CaseTypeA,C3@CaseTypeA belong to a Function C

F1@CaseTypeA or F2@CaseTypeA or F3@CaseTypeA belong to Function F

When an operator submit a case first assignment should be sent to Department manager

Other requirement, when a manager is not available, he can delegate to his department or a manager in his function.

How to represent that in pega?

I was think of using the Orgunit to represent the Function and a workgroup to represent the department.

My main problem with this approach is that if operator have multiple workgroup for multiple case type how can I define workgroup that belong to my casetype and found the manager for the create operator ?

If I need to define a structure that allow users to have different manager depending on the application could you tell me if there is a better approach?

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