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Ask the Expert 2020

2020 Ask the Expert Topic Calendar

Here’s your grand chance to set the calendar of Topics for our Ask the Expert sessions for 2020!!

Let us know the Topics you would like to see discussed. We could also repeat of the Topics we had in 2019.

Listing the topics covered in 2019 below.

  • Pega Customer Service Chat and Messaging
  • Pega REST APIs
  • Real-time Agile
  • My Pega
  • Pega Co-Browse
  • Pega Deployment Manager
  • Pega UI-Tables
  • Background Processing
  • Email Integration
  • Test Automation
  • Localization, RTE & Scenario Testing
  • Pega Predictive Diagnostic Cloud
  • Accessibility
  • Admin Studio
  • Dynamic and Ajax Containers
  • Case Management
  • Layouts, Layout Groups & Flex
  • UI Controls, Events & WebSocket
  • Reporting
  • DevOps

Here’s the link to all our previous sessions.

Add your suggestions as comments below. Looking forward to compiling an exciting list of expert sessions for 2020!

Pega Customer Service Pega Predictive Diagnostic Cloud Conversational Channels Case Management DevOps Low-Code App Development Testing Applications Reporting System Administration User Interface Ask the Expert
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