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Posted: August 24, 2020
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Launch Member 360 Screen Faster in Pega Customer Service

This is a how-to-design article shared with other Pega architects around the world who might be facing a  common problem (described below) and thus benefit from our design successfully implemented and went live for one of our healthcare clients.

Business use case

In a Pega Customer Service application, when a caller is verified within IVR and the CTI server sends the incoming call to Pega server, CSR receives a screen pop and accepts the call.  At the point, the Pega application normally invokes many web services to gather a large amount of member 360 data, map them to Clipboard, and then launch the member 360 screen (also known as ‘interaction driver’). 

For example, in a healthcare context, the data often include claim, eligibility, contract, group, alerts, and other personal  details.

At this point, CSR is ready to service the caller.


Because the Pega Customer Service application calls many web services to gather member 360 data, it is causing a long delay during a live interaction.  CSR often must wait for 10 or more seconds until the member 360 screen completes loading.  Adding this much of delay during a live call across hundreds and/or thousands of CSRs over a long period of time can cost a lot of money for call centers.  In addition, customers do not like to wait on the phone for a long pause and may hang up the call.

(I’ve seen this same problem pretty much in every Pega CS project that I’ve engaged past 10 years.)

It is critical to launch the member 360 screen as fast as possible so that CSR can service the caller without much delay.  This ultimately translates to both a reduced cost for call center and a higher satisfaction for customer.

Question - how can we launch the member 360 screen as fast as possible for CSR who has a caller on the phone?  See attached for our design.  Feel free to share any other ideas.

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