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Reda Sabassi (RedaS468)
Southern California Edison Company

Southern California Edison Company
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Southern California Edison Company
Posted: August 19, 2020
Last activity: August 31, 2020

Add indicator next to a menu item based on available pending cases


we're using Pega Navigation rule and would like to add the same item twice each with a different visibility condition and icon (indicator).

So logic would be

If no cases are available in the pending actions case table, the navigation menu item with a low-flag icon should display.

if a Customer has a Pending Action (i.e. a case in the table) the navigation menu item with a high-flag icon should display

I have configured the Navigation menu items as below.. however I'm stuck in creating the correct visibility condition rule.


No Pending Cases Available

Available Pending Cases

The table is sourced via D_PendingActions list page in Assign-Worklist class

Question: how can I do a validation to test if the data page has items in it or not? and based on the result display the correct menu item... 


EDIT: I found an ootb property (pxResultCount) but I'm not sure how to use it in a when rule


Data Page

Thanks in advance,



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