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Naveena Shree S (NaveenaShreeS)
SriSairam Engineering college
Naveena Shree S
SriSairam Engineering college
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SriSairam Engineering college
Posted: November 28, 2020
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Approval based on different status


I am creating a Pega online gift shopping application. I have a scenario that


The manager starts the shipment process after validating the user’s payment method and order details. At this stage, the order is given one of the three different statuses –

• Unshipped             When the Payment verification is successful

• Pending         When the Payment verification is initially unsuccessful or extended. In some cases, the verification process may be extended. Pending orders are not shipped until verification is successful after which their status changes to Unshipped.

• Cancelled                 If the payment authorization does not succeed or in some cases fraudulent. The user is notified when the order is cancelled.

When the payment is verified on an order, the following is done- • Change the status to Unshipped

how to implement this?


Pega Platform 8.3 Senior System Architect