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T?rkiye Finans Katilim Bankasi
Posted: July 3, 2017
Last activity: July 4, 2017

Create a case from from different application.

Hi, I want to create a new case from different application. My scenario like this; I have two application ; application A and application B and they are inherited

from framework C. I want to create case from application A and B in framework C. In framework C ,we are showing all suitable cases from A and B.

when i create a case , I'm getting following error. We are calling Create Work action. Is there different way to do this or how can i resolve this error.

Failed to find a 'RULE-OBJ-FLOW' with the name 'PYSTARTCASE' that applies to 'TFKB-MAP-Work-SuggestionBox'. There were 167 rules with this name in the rulebase, but none matched this request. The 167 rules named 'PYSTARTCASE' defined in the rulebase are: 1 related to applies-to class 'TFKB-MAP-Work-SuggestionBox', but were defined in rulesets which are not in your rulesetlist: 'MAP:01-01-01'. 166 unrelated to applies-to class 'TFKB-MAP-Work-SuggestionBox', for example: {TFKB-LoanAllo-Work-Committee, TFKB-CentralOps-Work-GenericCase, Test-Sunum-Work-TestSunum2, TFKB-Complaints-Work-Lawsuit, PegaFS-SCM-Work, PegaFS-SCM-Work-ComplaintorCompliment, TFKB-RetailLo-Work-Offer, TFKB-MAP-Work-GenericCase, Test-Sunum-Work-Onay, PegaFS-SCM-Work-LBProofErr, TFKB-CentralOps-Work-OrderProcess, PegaFS-SCM-Work-ChangeBillingCycleDate, PegaFS-SCM-Work-WaiveFee, PegaFS-SCM-Work-SendLiterature, TFKB-ArGe-Work-Talimat, PegaFS-SCM-Work-AddressChange, PegaFS-SCM-Work-DistributionRequest, Test-Sunum-Work-DYSMultiple,...}. Current RulesetList: as011344@:, AydosFW_tr:01-02, TFKB_tr:01-01, AydosProduction:01-01-01, AydosFW:01-02, AydosFWInt:01-02, TFKB:01-01, TFKBInt:01-01, UI-Kit-7:02-01-01, PegaFSRequirements:07-14, PegaFS:07-14, PegaFSInt:07-14, PegaAccounting:07-14, PegaAccounting-Classes:07-14, Pega-IAC:07-10, PegaRequirements:07-14, CMISPlus:07-14, PegaFSUI:07-11, PegaFWUI:07-12, Pega-ProcessCommander:07-10, Pega-LP-ProcessAndRules:07-10, Pega-LP-Integration:07-10, Pega-LP-Reports:07-10, Pega-LP-SystemSettings:07-10, Pega-LP-UserInterface:07-10, Pega-LP-OrgAndSecurity:07-10, Pega-LP-DataModel:07-10, Pega-LP-Application:07-10, Pega-LP:07-10, Pega-UpdateManager:07-10, Pega-SecurityVA:07-10, Pega-Feedback:07-10, Pega-AutoTest:07-10, Pega-AppDefinition:07-10, Pega-ImportExport:07-10, Pega-LocalizationTools:07-10, Pega-RuleRefactoring:07-10, Pega-ProcessArchitect:07-10, Pega-Portlet:07-10, Pega-Content:07-10, Pega-IntegrationArchitect:07-10, Pega-SystemArchitect:07-10, Pega-Desktop:07-10, Pega-EndUserUI:07-10, Pega-Social:07-10, Pega-EventProcessing:07-10, Pega-Reporting:07-10, Pega-UIDesign:07-10, Pega-Gadgets:07-10, Pega-UIEngine:07-10, Pega-ProcessEngine:07-10, Pega-SearchEngine:07-10, Pega-IntegrationEngine:07-10, Pega-RulesEngine:07-10, Pega-Engine:07-10, Pega-ProCom:07-10, Pega-IntSvcs:07-10, Pega-WB:07-10, Pega-RULES:07-10

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