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Created Case at backend,Need to change Stage

Hello Experts,

Firstly the scenario I have -

  1. My Case has 2 Stages - "Data Entry" and "Approval"
  2. The Case is created only by an activity using "CreateWorkPage" (the flow name provided is for "Data Entry") when a Menu is clicked. The Menu click loads a Harness. Till here it works fine.
  3. In the UI loaded in step #2, data is entered and populated to "pyWorkPage".Now, on click of a button, I need to move the case to the next stage and remove the assignment to the next stage.

I tried with OOTB "pxChangeState" and "FinishAssignment" on the click of the button, somehow it does not move to the next stage.

Any sample code or suggestion would really be helpful. I am using Pega 731.

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