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Posted: June 30, 2016
Last activity: July 1, 2016

Creating cases in Tabs


We have a requirement as below:

There is a top level Interaction (I-) case which is created via the create menu.

Once that is done we have a tabbed harness(this can also be changed to a screenflow) with six tabs.

In tab number 1, we have to enter a search value (such as SSN etc) ; based on which the details in the other tabs will be populated.

Now, once any of the other five tabs are clicked , we see the details have been populated on screen (through service). Now, I need to spawn a sub case(A-) under the main case when the save button is clicked at the bottom of this tab.

Similar , sub cases B-,C-,D- and E- would be created for each of the other tabs.

How can we achieve this?

P.S. -> We have already defined the case types; Five sub case types under the parent case type I- .

Case Management
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