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Posted: May 19, 2015
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How to do effective rule revalidation?

Looking to have a consistent, modern approach to revalidating rules.

Taking off from a PDN document initially written for v5.4...

the description for BulkValidateSave says "Run the validation and save the record without updating its history."

And yet the code updates the pxUpdate* properties and writes a message to history -- that seems to contradict the description.

RevalidateAndSave requires us to filter by class (why? why not all rules in a ruleset?) Reviewing the docs for RevalidateAndSave... "If an instance passes validation, the History tab is updated with your Operator ID, the current date and time, and current system in the Updated row. For rules, a history detail instance is added with your Memo and the notation Bulk Update."

Which is, not exactly what we want. Updating the pxUpdate* properties is not ideal, since it gives the false impression that the user made a substantive change to the rule.

It would be prudent to have fields distinct from pxUpdate* (which imply that an actual change has been made). Why not create new fields called pxValidate*

Additionally, it would be helpful to have a Validate button on a ruleform, which would simply run the validation, but not update the pxUpdate properties (and not save a record in history)

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