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Issue with IE11 / pega_ui_harness_deferred_***!.js unavaliable


We have updated on our UAT environment in Citrix to Win 10.

After this upgrade we have been seeing strange UI behaviors / issues on Pega.

the most critical one is that, for example, we cannot submit cases. When we do that, the screen freezes up. we can see

SCRIPT1920 : System cannot access the file


on console of IE11.

At the same time, our harnesses cannot render properly either. As far as I understand, the system cannot take CSS and as a result of this, we see very old fashioned UI when we use IE11 on Citrix.

If we switch to Edge browser (even If ıt is not supported on our platform version 7.1.7) the look and feel of the UI is ok.. and we can submit the cases as well.

We compare the IE11 settings on Citrix with a regular IE11 on Developer laptops but couldn’t find any significant differences so far. Everything works fine on IE11 other than the one on Citrix.

What do you think ?

I would appreciate any ideas.

Thank you

Pega Platform User Interface
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