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Issues calling the flow PegaAccel-Task-InviteUser.pyInviteUser


We have a requirement to to send a DWA invitation to an external user, get the user activated and set password. 

We have found a flow that does exactly what we need, called pyInviteUser under Class PegaAccel-Task-InviteUser

We have tried calling the flow by setting the below action on the Click of a button

Approach1) calling activity that sets the parameters of the flow pyInviteUser and then calls the activity Work-.startFlow. 

Approach2) calling 'Create Work' as can be seen in the below screenshot

In both cases, we are getting the below warning: (PegaAccel-Task-InviteUser)ProblemFlow pzInviteUser ASSIGNMENT63 Party Collaborator is missing from Work Item although the parameter 'Party' is already set in the flow pyInviteUser in the '' assignemnet. 

Also we are getting an error in the activity AddAssign on step 4 when trying to open the operator :

 Unable to open an instance using the given inputs: pxObjClass = "Data-Admin-Operator-ID", pyUserIdentifier = "Administrator@MX" 


Is there any ideas on how to overcome those errors ?

Or is there another approach to call the flow pyInviteUser that does exacly what we need ?


Thank you in advance,


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