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Sree Ramya Gude (SreeRamyaG)
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Posted: November 27, 2020
Last activity: November 27, 2020

Lock Gone Exception on Tickets created from Interaction portal


For my telecommunication Application,we are creating ticket from the InteractionPortal. Ticket is having an SLA defined, on SLA - Passed Deadlin, there is an activity being Invoked. In the Activity I could see there is obj-Open-by Handle  with Lock(enabled) and release on commit(enabled). In those activity I do have obj-save in later sub activities which are invoked.  In the logs I could see lock gone exception on T-123 with below stack trace:

ExecuteSLA.Assign_.Action) ERROR   - obj-save failed. Save, Delete or Commit has failed because lock "TELENET-ADT-WORK T-123" is not held     at ~[prprivate-data.jar:?]     at ~[prprivate-data.jar:?]     at ~[prprivate-data.jar:?]     at ~[prprivate-data.jar:?]     at ~[prprivate-data.jar:?]     at com.pegarules.generated.activity.ra_action_executesla_464350f6cf89e0b6dd36c2aed60a7659.step23_circum0( ~[?:?]  

I could see on execute SLA obj-save lock is going ,  If there be any Issue if I use obj-open by handle with lock(disabled) and release on commit(disabled) , I am not able to understand the root cause where lock is going. Please provide any solution to proceed further.

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