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Search for questions in Pega Survey Case Type

Is it possible to search for TEXT through Survey Case Types. I am NOT looking to search through the Survey Case Instances but the questions in the SURVEY CASE TYPE itself.

(As you know, when PEGA Surveys are created, the Survey created itself is a new Case Type. If an organization wants to collect data, they might multiple Surveys and thus multiple Case Types. My requirement is to search for a keyword and/or a question in these surveys i.e Case Types. Can I do that and if so how?)

For Example :- A question in one Survey Case Type 'M' could be ' Are you satisfied with the quality of the service that has been provided ?'

And another question in another Survey Case Type 'N' could be 'Please rate the quality of our service'.

I need to search for the keyword 'quality' and my results should show both the Survey Case Types 'M' and 'N'. Is this possible and if so can some one show me how this can be done.

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