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Step Page not working with circumstance


We are upgrading from Pega 6.3 SP1 to 7.3.1, we found an issue when calling a decision rule (Decision Table and When rule), the step page is not considered when using a circumstance.

I.E We are looping in a list of object name "Coverage", we preparing some coverage where we need to apply a decision table. So, we have MyCoverageABC, MyCoverageDEF, (...)

on each of these coverage, we can have a different circDateTime, depending on some condition.

So, when we apply the DecisionTable, we are using the circumstanceDateProp = ".circDateTime".

But, now in Pega 7.3, the step page is no more use and use the primary page, which is not even a coverage, since it is the parent class. So, we have bad result, because .circDateTime exist on the parent, but not the same date than the coverage.

Someone has this problem ?

We have over 16000 circumstance rules, so it will be very long to manage step page issue 1 by 1.

We got this issue with the When Rule in Pega 6.3, we have been forced to use a Java Function "@callwhen(StepPage, "whenRuleName)", I hope it's not the solution to fix the problem for the decisionTable.

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