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Is there a condition on the properties we can use in a button actions


In the PopUp of the CPM Portal, we added a custom button on which we perform actions: "Open Assignment" and "Run Script".
As parameters, we give InteractionCall.TransferedInteractionKey, but we encounter a problem "empty assignment key" (and empty parameter for the script too).
But when we verify the page InteractionCall in the clipboard, the property "TransferedInteractionKey" does have a value. Also we display that property in a field in the PopUp and it is filled.

Is there a condition on the properties we can use in the button actions?

For test purposes, we tried using as input parameter the standard Operator properties: OperatorId.pyUserIdentifier and OperatorId.pyUserName. They are both filled.
But when executing the actions listed above, the OperatorId.pyUserIdentifier is recognized ==> the script is run with a filled parameter. But the OperatorId.pyUserName is not, and so the script has an empty parameter and the open assignment encouters the "empty assignment key" message.

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