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Unable to create an issue in JIRA from Agile workbench


I did an integration of JIRA from my personal edition 8.3. 

While trying to create an issue, i am getting error that "Reporter is required". The reported field was then removed from JIRA as a mandatory field but still the issue did not get resolved.

I tried the approach to do a GET for an issue (created directly in JIRA portal) using postman and saw that a field "accountId"  is having an ID (alpha numeric value) of the reporter.  I did a private checkout of the data transform to prepare the rest service call (screen shot attached), removed "JiraName" mapping and instead passed the technical ID (already saved in preferences of Operator ID) in accountId, then the bug was successfully created in JIRA.

After this now i also see that all the issues created in JIRA with my accountID, be it directly in JIRA portal or through Pega, those are getting listed down which was not happening before making the changes of accountId.

Is any body aware of any JIRA side changes/updates that now it accepts only "accountId" instead of "name" as the reporter which is currently being set from OOTB Pega data transform.

Pega Platform 8.3
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