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What are the Pega requirements for an interaction history row of data be saved as model last outcomes?


I wonder if anybody can shed some light on this issue.

The problem is quite simple to describe: load an original interaction history impression row; change its pyOutcome to accepted; write it again to interaction history, AND to last model responses. Do it all that via the running of a interaction rule; tick the checkboxes on the interaction rule to write to: 1. clipboard; 2. interaction history and 3. VBD.

The row gets written to 2. Interaction history, but it does not get written or seen on the Designer Studio > Decisioning > Predictive Analytics > Latest responses.

The funny thing is that the original interaction history impression row is right there on the "Latest responses", and it was saved by a similar interaction rule, but it was mocked via a data transform.

I realize that if I do not clear the pxFactID from the loaded original row it will not save in 2. Interaction history; but it seems I am then missing some property value clearing or property value setting for it to be saved to the latest responses; or the latest responses is not working (I doubt it).

Hence the question: what is the Pega requirement for an SR row to be saved to the latest responses? What must it have set? What must it not have set? Has anybody ran a similar prototype that could shed some light here?

Regards, Andre' Cesta

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