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Automatically page scrolls to top when switching between 2 tabs


Whenever we switch between two work objects tab, the system automatically scrolls up to the top of the object.

Current behavior:

System: PEGA

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Open 2 work objects in PEGA (W-1 and W-2)
  2. Go to W-1 tab and scroll down to the last section of the case
  3. Switch to W-2 tab
  4. Switch back to W-1 tab. The system scrolled to the top of W-1 and you need to scroll down again to see the last section of the work object.


Expected behavior:

When switching from a Work tab to another Work tab, the system keeps the tabs with their current state instead of automatically scrolling to top of the pages. If I scrolled down on a tab, it stays as-is, I don't need to scroll down again when switching back to this tab.

Any Idea how to fix the Auto-scroll up? 



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