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Data Versioned with Framework

We have categorization information in a framework for use by multiple applications. This information includes structure such as the associated Data Types, Data Pages, Data Transforms, etc., as well as the actual data itself (currently stored in Pega tables, could be placed externally if needed).

What we want is for the data to be versioned with the framework so that applications that use the framework only see changes to the data when they adopt the new version of the framework. As far as we understand Pega's data management, the reality is that changes to the data will be immediately seen by applications using the framework.

Our current approach is for applications using the framework to only access the data via versioned rules and those rules will select a versioned dataset based on the version of the rule or framework. The versioning of the dataset will be managed manually and new versions will be generated infrequently so the data management is not a significant burden.

I am curious if anyone else has dealt with scenarios like this before and what approaches they may have tried.


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