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Vishal Parikh (VishalP1)
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Posted: April 14, 2020
Last activity: November 18, 2020

Escalating chat requests directly to an agent

We are configuring Pega chat and need more inputs to bypass chatbot.

Need more inputs below documentation as part of Pega customer service guide 8.4. Step 3 and 4 are very unclear on what's expected to change in the data transform.


Already tried setting Param.input and Param.display to 'chat with agent' which actually escalate it to agent however it does not work.

To bypass web chatbot interactions and allow customers to directly reach CSRs, perform these steps:

  1. In the Dev Studio enter and search SetCommandOnLoad.

  2. Open the Set command on load data transform.

  3. Set the value of the for all our classes, rules and properties etc. :)" flag="done">Param.input property to the value that you configure for the Chat with agent case type, in the web chatbot configuration.

    For example:

    , as it's something PP will show to us." flag="done">Talk to agent.
  4. Set the value of the Param.display property to the same value that you specified for for all our classes, rules and properties etc. :)" flag="done">Param.input.

  5. Click Save.

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