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Posted: June 1, 2018
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How display Composite when a task is re open with action Open Assignment (S-**) - Customer Service 7.31

Hello Community Pega.

I've got a problem.

I am working on PEGA CUSTOMER SERVICE 7.31.

My scenario: On interaction with customer, on composite screen wich display data customer, i open the menu "Add Task". I perform, under tab General, "Schedule Activity" task.

I wrap up my interaction and i can found my case on my dashboard (see capture OpenAssignment). When i clic on the id (perform action "Open Assignment with param pzInsKey), my case is re open (see capture CompositeNotDisplay).
So my problem: only the task is open, not my interaction with composite and data associated.

If it can help, when i work on interaction with customer through composite, if i closed the interaction with clic on icon close tab (and not correctly with wrap up) i can found my case as previously and open it on the clic on id. This time, i re open my interaction with composite.

So my problem is this: how can i open my interaction with composite when i open my task ? (Good to know: on the clipboard when i have open the task, i can see the InterctionHistory(1).InteractionID = I-*** --> it's the id which can open my interaction with composite).

Thanks for your help.


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