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Wrong answer in the section "Expose Services with Intent Tasks"

Following quiz is in the section "Expose Services with Intent Tasks".

>Question 1    Intent Tasks are __________________ (Choose Two) 

>A. Displayed always.
>B. Associated to categories via a data source.
>C. When you create an Intent Task you associate it with a category.
>D. Able to be added to multiple categories

To pass the quiz, you need to select B and C.
But I think this answer is wrong.
The correct answers are B and D.

-The reason why I think D is correct-
In the video of this section, following description is explained.

>A single task can appear in more than one category even though it starts the same service case.
-The reason why I think C is wrong-

Intent tasks are associated to data source via categories.
Not associated to categories via data source.

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