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Posted: October 1, 2020
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Contact Center for both inbound and outbound


In Pega 8.4 Framework strategy under 'Channel Logic' sub strategy for both 'Inbound Channel Processing' and 'Outbound Channel Processing' sub strategy I saw contact center channel has been incorporated with filter condition as @equals("CallCenter",.pyChannel) || @equals("Retail",.pyChannel). Based on this observation I have below questions:

  1. In which case you treat contact center as Outbound channel? As all in my previous implementation we treated contact center as inbound channel
  2. How the execution will happen?like when contact center executive will log in will they see 2 different container one for inbound proposition and other for outbound proposition as per below method?
  • For Inbound: Based on customer data decisioning will be executed in real-time and show NBA 
  • For Outbound: Based on some Predefined Schedule (Primary schedule) show already executed NBA








Pega Customer Decision Hub 8.4 Decision Management