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Virtusa Consulting Services Pvt. Ltd.
Posted: April 4, 2016
Last activity: April 11, 2016

Create and open another case on submit of screen

Hi Guys,

I know this can be a basic question. But, I couldn't find a answer till now even after browsing through discussions in mesh (I might have missed some). So, here it is

I have to read in an xml on the screen pasted in a text area and on submit, I have to create a work object based on the case type mentioned in the xml and replace the current work object. I was not sure how to do that. So, what I did is create a new start-up process for the FW class which creates a temporary work object and it has a screen it. I will read the xml in it and trying to create the work object in a utility called after the flow action. But, I am not able to open the created work object and replace the current temporary object.

Any idea how I can achieve this? I am open to other ways if any, to achieve this.

Thanks in advance.



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