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Email channel - "Email account already used" error

Hi There,

I'm creating couple of email channels in 8.3.

The first email channel creation was a breeze. I created an email account and then I configured my new channel without problems.

When I created a second email account, I started having issues.
At the beginning the verification of my new email account failed saying that there was no email listener. I checked and I couldn't actually see any listener with the name of my second email account. So I created a new email listener using the email wizard. Now the verification works fine but when I save my new email channel I receive the error: " Email account already used"

I tried to trace while I saved but I can't see anything in the trace (not an expert in this though).

I tried to delete my second email account and recreate it but I have the same exact behaviour. I even tried to delete, reboot and recreate, same situation.

I wold really appreciate some help on this.


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