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Brice Cabioch Da Silva (Bricebrice)
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Posted: November 29, 2018
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Pega CRM For Communications

Hi all,

IWe've seen that there is an existing Pega CRM suite of applications which contains Pega Marketing, Pega Customer Service and Pega Sales Automation:

And refering to this application stack:,

we should install:

1) Pega Platform

2) Pega Customer Decision Hub (it comes by default as far we know)

3) Pega CRM and at the same level Pega Marketing

3-1) Pega Customer Service and at the same level Pega Sales Automation

3-2) Pega Marketing integration in Pega CRM

At this point, to ensure that our applications are correctly installed and implemented, we followed the implementation guide for each of the applications. But something went wrong because the application named PegaSA_Marketing -where we configure everything- does not exist.

- What have we done wrong to not be able to see this application? If we want to implement these applications as CRM we should do it that way.

- We want to use the Pega CRM suite of applications extending it with much more applications and capabilities (as Pega Social, Pega Call, NBAAdvisor etc..), how should we do this implementation?

By the other hand, we are looking for the installation and implementation of the Pega For Communications suite:

which include Pega Marketing For Communications, Pega Customer Service For Communications, Pega CPQ For Communications and Pega Fulfillment Control Center.

- How do we implement the CRM to support Communications applications?

- Additionally to this implementation of Pega Communications, we want to use it like a CRM and supporting another applications and features like Product Catalog (from Pega Foundation For Communications), Pega Sales Automation etc.. Is there a recommended way to do this implementation to support Comms as Pega CRM for Communications?

There are many questions and we're quite confused about the way of implement Pega CRM to support Communications and other features.

Thank you very much for the clarification

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