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Self Service Advisor - Pega knowledge content not shown


I am trying to implement a self service advisor in Pega 8.4 customer service. I would like to do 2 things:

  1. Display articles and content configured in Pega Knowledge.
  2. Allow a user of the self service advisor to be able to download the knowledge content articles. These articles will contain standard forms the customer must download and send to a 3rd party. 

Steps completed so far:

  • Created a help site in pega knowledge
  • Created a taxonomy in pega knowledge
  • Created content for the categories and published.
  • I have not added and additional security to the content or marked for internal use. 
  • In self service application configured self service configuration to use the help categories. 
  • Deployed the self service download to a mock website (in a pega portal) 


I can see the help categories display correctly and the menu hierarchy is correctly displayed and I can navigate to the articles and see the summary text. However the 'read more' link does not work or display anything. 

link to content



  1. Is there some specific security settings or roles needed for the self service advisor to be able to see the article content? 
  2. How can I generate a link for the content to be able to be downloaded from the self service advisor?




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