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Tab switch on click

PFA: section, skin configuration and UI appearance

I have a layout group with style set to Tab in skin. Hence the final appearance of the layout group is Tab.

On click of a button, I need to switch to a particular tab.


Scenario: We have 3 tabs, on click of a button in 2nd tab, we need to switch to 1st tab.

We were using below script. It was working fine when we only had two tabs. Now we have added a new tab, and this script switches to 3rd tab always, requirement is to switch to 1st tab.

function SwitchTab()
$('.layout-group-vsportaltab[role="tablist"] > .layout:not(.active) .header h3').click();

Would appreciate any help I can get.

Note:pega.desktop.activateDocument script will only work if we use tabbed layout, it is not working when screen layout with tab appearance has been used.

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