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SLA - Deadline not working

Hello everyone,

I have come across an issue where the Deadline of an Assignment SLA is not working as expected and the escalation activity is not getting triggered.

I have the .pxDeadlineTime value set on newAssignPage.

On reaching deadline, the WorkObject is moving to SLA Broken queue. Here is a snap shot of the WO from the Broken queue: (Selected error message only from the rest of the details)

<pxErrorMessage>The assignment for this queue item has a problem.</pxErrorMessage>

<pxTraceList>[0:doActivity Rule-Obj-Activity:EstablishContext, 1:RULE-OBJ-ACTIVITY SYSTEM-QUEUE-SERVICELEVEL ESTABLISHCONTEXT #20110712T003028.783 GMT Step: 1 Circum: 0, 2:Property-Set, 3:RULE-OBJ-ACTIVITY SYSTEM-QUEUE-SERVICELEVEL ESTABLISHCONTEXT #20110712T003028.783 GMT Step: 2 Circum: 0, 4:Java, 5:Transitions, 6:RULE-OBJ-ACTIVITY SYSTEM-QUEUE-SERVICELEVEL ESTABLISHCONTEXT #20110712T003028.783 GMT Step: 4 Circum: 0, 7:Activity-Set-Status, 8:Transitions]</pxTraceList>

On requeue, the Workobject gets back to Broken items.

Please suggest how i could proceed. Any idea would be very helpful.

Thank you.



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